Thursday, March 13, 2014

MH370 - Chinese misinformation

Just a quick update as I read the recent news on MH370...and as follow up to yesterday's blog post.

Yesterday the Chinese government released imagery of what they said could have been wreckage from MH370. 

The imagery of the "supposed wreckage" was found on Sunday. That's one day after the flight disappeared. So why did they choose to hold on to that information until Wednesday?!
Rescue and salvage crews raced out to the location and found...nothing. Some reports now claim the image was nothing more than two boats tied to each other. All information in a rescue operation is extremely and critically time sensitive. China decided that it could wait 3 days. It almost looks like they're intentionally confusing the rescue operation...

As I mentioned yesterday, Tracking misinformation often times leads one to the truth easier than tracking murky details.